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 “Coaches have a great responsibility. Each of us is truly a guardian of our athletes’ well-being. Remember that every professional coach was at one time, like you, a volunteer coach that wanted to share their knowledge of the game. Make care and prevention part of that knowledge. Join me in ensuring that the coaching profession keeps the public’s trust for generations to come. Coach Safely!”

- Bill Clark, Head Football Coach, UAB


The largest and most vulnerable population of recreational athletes is aged 14 and younger with an estimated 30 million participants. Unfortunately, injuries to youth athletes are often misunderstood or underplayed, leading to lasting repercussions to health and athleticism. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 3.5 million youth sports injuries occur each year. With an estimated 60,000 coaches of recreational sports in Alabama alone, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to educate and train coaches on the warning signs of youth sports injuries for prevention and treatment. 

The good news: The CDC also notes that 50 percent of these injuries are preventable.


Show your players and their parents that you care and you’re prepared.

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